A Mix of East and West for Your Pet

The East-West Animal Hospital specializes in creating a treatment plan of Homeopathic and traditional medicine that will be best for your pet.

Pets can get ill sometimes and sometimes western medicine isn't the best option.

The East-West Animal Hospital in Lutz specializes in offering both traditional treatments, like blood work and inoculations, as well as homeopathic remedies, like herbs and acupuncture.

With the Eastern medicine treatments, it can be used for orthopedic and neurological maladies, said Linda Register, a veterinarian and veterinarian acupuncturist at the East-West Animal Hospital.

When animals are brought into East-West Animal Hospital, they can be given treatment plans that mix the two medicine ideologies together.

"Sometimes we do need to blend the two therapies together," Register said.

To learn more about the East-West Animal Hospital, check out our video above.


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