DUI Patrols Increase for Holiday Weekend

Land O' Lakes r esidents can expect to see more law enforcement on the roads through New Year’s Day.

With the long New Year’s weekend kicking off for many tonight at 5, the Florida Highway Patrol and other local law enforcement agencies aim to make their presence known.

FHP is participating in National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month activities, and troopers want to remind motorists to take care behind the wheel.

“New Year’s is a party-type holiday,” Sgt. Steve Gaskins acknowledged. “We want to remind people that even during your celebrations you have to make plans ahead of time. We don’t want to mix alcohol and motor vehicles.”

Gaskins suggests that anyone going out this weekend or on Monday, which is New Year’s Eve, come up with a plan to get home safely.

“Plan for a designated driver, party at home or plan to party at places where you don’t have to drive home,” he said.

And for those who don’t?

“(We’ll) have as many extra patrols out there as possible,” he said. “People (need to know) if they go out there and are drinking and driving, we’ll remove (them) from the highway as necessary.”

Local law enforcement agencies have also promised to step up DUI enforcement through the holiday.

How to Report Impaired Drivers

Gaskins said sober motorists can also do their part to keep the roadways safer by calling *FHP on their cell phones to report impaired motorists on the roads. He said callers should be as descriptive as possible when they call in a report. Details should include a vehicle description, tag numbers and the direction of travel.

Do you go out on New Year's Eve? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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paul brenot December 28, 2012 at 09:25 PM
So what is the limit? I've never seen it published. They talk all around it but don't specify what the limit is. We have posted speed limits. Please tell me what the limit is that would trigger a DUI.
Sherri Lonon December 29, 2012 at 02:08 AM
In Florida, it's a .08 blood alcohol level, according to the DMV website. Hope that helps!
paul brenot December 29, 2012 at 05:55 AM
According to your other artical there seems to be lesser numbers that trigger a DUI. From your artical: •Imprisonment with blood alcohol level of .08 or higher with a minor in the vehicle, up to 9 months. My question was what level triggers a DUI?


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