Blog Spotlight: Average Joe Flounders While Banks Get Rich

Blogger Mark S. Hankins says Americans should be shocked by the stranglehold financial institutions have on the economy.

Wondering why it just seems harder to make ends meet?

The reason could be the shoddy operations of America's financial institutions.

Blogger Mark S. Hankins, attorney and author, outlines the problems with the Federal Reserve has controlling their "creative destruction" of the county's economy.

"Lanny Breuer, the assistant attorney general in charge of criminal prosecutions nationwide, flat out stated that he would not prosecute the large banks or anyone at them due to the risk of systemic consequences. In other words, the Justice Department’s top cop was recognizing that those banks had a gun to the head of the American economy, and were thumbing their collective noses at the cops and saying that if the latter ever do anything “the economy gets it!'"

Read Hankins' blog here. Better yet, write your own blog on Land O' Lakes Patch. Share your expertise and interests with our readers by blogging here.


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