Florida Amendment 10: What a Yes Vote Means

Take a closer look at the proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution before you head to the polls Nov. 6.

Whether you head to the polls Nov. 6 to cast your vote or you’re planning on voting early, you can count on having to decipher a very long ballot. In addition to national, state and local candidates, this year’s ballot also includes a number of proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution.

To help speed up the process at the polls, Lutz Patch has created a guide on each of the amendments. Let’s take a look at Amendment 10 and what a yes vote on it means at the polls.

Amendment 10: Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption

This amendment would raise the tangible personal property tax exemption for businesses related to furniture and equipment from $25,000 to $50,000.

Opponents, including the League of Women Voters of Florida, say the amendment would take away funding for local governments and would cost an estimated $61 million over the first three years of implementation.

Supporters say the measure would provide tax relief to small businesses while helping stimulate the economy.

What a Yes Vote Means

A vote of yes on this amendment is a show of support for its passage.

For complete wording of the amendment, visit the Florida Division of Elections online.

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RD November 04, 2012 at 11:09 PM
First, define a small business. You're thinking 50 people or less but in reality, a small business can be 500 people. Donald Trump owns small businesses. It's only going to cost the tax payers 60 million so why not give a little more to the Donald?


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