Youth Lacrosse Organization's Popularity Mirrors National Trend

New Tampa Lacrosse draws boys and girls from Lutz and other parts of the Bay area. Registration is open, but filling fast.

The game of lacrosse is growing rapidly across the nation.


“The quickest way to explain it is that it is fun to watch,” said Bob Bolt, a board member for New Tampa Lacrosse.

The group, which has been around for 8 years, serves local youth from the under 9 category through high school. There are about 10 teams, with the older athletes joining up from both Freedom and Wharton high schools. Their mascot is the Raiders.

Though most school districts in Florida have sanctioned the sport, which has Native American roots, Hillsborough County only recently approved it for the 2014 season. It is currently considered a club sport.

Registration is open, but filling up fast. There are wait lists in some divisions, according to the website. Practices begin in January,  games will kick off in February.  For more information, go to www.newtampalax.com

New Tampa Lacrosse board member Mike Wickersham said serves about 300 players, who come from New Tampa, Lutz and beyond.

Unlike other sports where height or weight is vastly important, lacrosse is different.

“You can be a fairly small kid,” Wickersham said. “We’ve seen kids with tremendous athletic ability. They can come and play lacrosse.”


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